If you have ever needed some help with card making, my new card making templates make it easy!  I have also included several reference sheets for color coordination, a shopping list for the new catalog, an adhesive reference chart and many more.  I want to by your “GO TO”  when you need an answer when it comes to paper crafting.

I struggled as a new card maker and so did many of my customers with how to cut cardstock with measurements and also how to cut the layers to look nice.  Well, I decided it was time to come up with templates to take your stress away.  After all, this is supposed to be fun, right?  So, I got busy and designed several templates and reference documents to to make your life easier and address some of the most basic fundamentals for your card making experience.  Finally!!!  I can hear your cheers clear to San Diego!  😉

A Crowning Creation Cutting Template-Horizontal

A Crowning Creation Template Cutting-Vertical

You might need a little more guidance or truly be a beginning card marker, you have found the holy grail here!!  I wish I had something like this when I first got started.  And let’s face it, with so many things already rattling around in our heads, can we really be expected to remember a card layer somebody told us weeks ago when we last made cards.  This will be something you can print and have as a great visual reference.  I would even suggest you always have them close by when crafting.  And with both versions of how to cut cardstock (vertical and horizontal), as well as how to score them, you’ll be all set and not get confused.  This will truly make your day of card making fun and enjoyable instead of stressful and frustrating.

Then, look at the card layering template on exactly how to cut the other pieces of paper to get the laying sizes you need.  You will be a card making ROCKSTAR!!

A Crowning Creation Card Layer Template

I have add an updated Shopping List with several reference notes to help you find what you need in the new Annual Catalog.

Shopping List 2018-19 Annual Catalog

With all the new and exciting color changes, a couple of these documents will really help you keep everything straight and learn about all the new colors, too.  The reference chart is very clear and a great resource.  You will find a template for labels, if you wish to make your own color swatch book, a Color Revamp Reference sheet, a Color Coach reference, a new 2018-20 InColor sheet, DSP Reference sheets to give you the list of colors for each pack.  More documents will be added to know which ink to use with markers, templates for card designs, etc.  If there is something you struggle with, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to come up with an answer.  Remember, if you are thinking it, so are others and you are helping many by asking.

2018 Color Revamp Labels

2018_Color Revamp Reference Chart

2018 Color Coach

2018-20 InColor Ref Chart

2017-18 DSP Reference Sheet

2018-19 DSP Reference Sheet

If you got this in an email, be sure to forward to your crafty friends so they can download these templates and sign up for my newsletter and blog.  I provide helpful tips and techniques for all levels of paper crafting.

All of the documents mentioned above (and more to come) can be found on my website under Resources/Free Downloads.   Why not spend a few minutes to print them all out and have a Help binder.  Please comment below or send me a note to let me know how it worked for you.

Thanx for stopping by and I hope these documents really do help you in your card making experience so that all your projects are A Crowning Creation!


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